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Local gas heater services Sydney
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Frequently Asked Questions
A gas heating system uses a gas space heater that is powered by natural gas, propane, butane, or biogas to heat a room or an outdoor area.
Are gas heaters safe to use indoors?
Based on which gas heater product you have, it is viable to use them both indoors and outdoors. An indoor gas heater is very safe and is built in to use inside your home. Despite it’s safety, a gas heater should be maintained properly and serviced regularly (service regularity depends on the model of the heater) by a professional.
Do gas heaters need to be serviced?
Yes, gas heaters need a regular service at least once every year by a licensed gasfitter and tested for carbon monoxide spillage. An un-serviced gas heater could raise problems, both with the product itself (functionality) and with safety hazards (gas spillage).
When should I get my gas heater serviced?
If you’ve noticed that your gas heater is not functioning correctly or some of its components aren’t working the way they are intended, it may be time for you to have it serviced by a licensed technician. Also, any smells of gas that come from the appliance itself may be signs of gas spillage. It is recommended that you immediately turn off and unplug your gas heater if this is the case and have it serviced immediately. Even if you experience none of these instances, you should still have your gas heater serviced if it has been over a year since its last service.
Can I clean my own gas heater?
If you’ve noticed dust collecting on the outside grates of your heater, you can easily clean them yourselves either with a cloth or a vacuum. Never dismantle a heater to clean the inside compartments of it on your own as this could lead to problems with the product, it is better to contact a professional for situations such as those.
Do gas heaters use a lot of electricity?
Gas heaters are very cost-effective when it comes to electrical consumption. A typical gas heater only uses a small amount of electricity (<600 watts) to operate in your home. The only use a gas heater has for electricity is to ignite the flame within it, after that only gas is used to keep it running.
How do I move my portable gas heater?
When your gas heater is installed by a technician, a gas outlet may have also been installed (if your house didn’t already have one). The heater is connected to this outlet by a gas hose. If you have a location elsewhere in your house that also has a gas outlet installed, you can unplug the gas hose from the outlet, relocate the heater to the new location, and plug the hose into the new outlet.

Make sure it is attached properly as a poorly secured hose could lead to gas spillage. If you have recently moved your portable gas heater and can smell gas when it is operating, turn it off immediately and fix the hose connection. If the problem persists, contact a licensed professional.
Where can I use my portable gas heater?
A portable gas heater can be used in any room in your house that has a gas outlet installed in it.
Why Service Your Gas Heater ?
  • Every gas appliance needs a service every 2 years, appliances over 10 years require a service yearly
  • Reduce health hazards and fire
  • Reduce gas leakage and carbon monoxide gas
  • Protect and enhance the life of your gas heater
  • Maintain your gas heater to work efficiently, save on your energy bill
  • Protecting your family and assets from gas leaks
Local gas heater services Sydney Local gas heater services SydneyLocal gas heater services Sydney