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Local gas heater services Sydney
Bosch External 10H or TF250-8
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  • Bosch External 10H or TF250-8

Bosch External 10H or TF250-8

$ 800.00
Here we have a Bosch 10H or TF250-8 instantaneous hot water heater for sale. Available in Natural Gas and LPG and is a non pre set product. If you do not have a tempering valve local regulations may require you to have one installed.
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Product Details

  1. Type: Instantaneous Hot Water Heater
  2. Capacity: 10 litres
  3. Model numbers: Natural gas 7716462901 LPG 7716463301
  4. Non Pre set Temperature
  5. Star Rating: 5
  6. Location: Outdoor

Warranty Information (warranty conditions apply)

Heat Exchanger

  1. 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger
  2. 2 year warranty on parts & labour

Parts and Labour

  1. 2 year warranty


  1. Height (Including brackets): 845 mm
  2. Width: 405 mm
  3. Depth: 265 mm

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Local gas heater services SydneyLocal gas heater services Sydney