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Quantum 200 Litre Heat Pump
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  • Quantum 200 Litre Heat Pump

Quantum 200 Litre Heat Pump

$ 2,880.00
Here we have an Quantum 200 Litre Heat Pump hot water heater for sale. Please note that all Supply and Installation prices include STC’s and VEEC’s signed over to us as a point of sales discount, However all Supply Only prices require the customer to claim the STC’s and VEEC’s back themselves.
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Product Details

  1. Type: Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
  2. Storage Capacity: 200 litres
  3. Model number: Model 200-08AC6-290

Warranty Information (warranty conditions apply)

  1. 5 year warranty for the cylinder
  2. 2 year warranty on electrics and refrigeration.


Please note that all STCS and VEECS are signed to SDHW as a point of sale discount with all supply and install pricing


  1. Height: 1950 mm
  2. Width: 540 mm
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Local gas heater services SydneyLocal gas heater services Sydney