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Sanden 315 Heat Pump
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Sanden 315 Heat Pump

$ 5,950.00
Here we have an Sanden 315 Heat Pump hot water heater for sale. Please note that all Supply and Installation prices include STC’s signed over to us as a point of sales discount, However all Supply Only prices require the customer to claim the STC’s back themselves.
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The Sanden heat pump system is sold as two separate units, the external heat pump and an independent Sanden stainless steel storage tank.

Product Details

  1. Type: Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
  2. Storage Capacity: 315L litres
  3. Tank Model number: GAUS-315FQS

Heat Pump Warranty

  1.  6 year Warranty, including parts and labour

Tank Warranty

 15 year Pro Rata Warranty, including parts and labour.


Please note that all STCS and VEECS are signed to SDHW as a point of sale discount with all supply and install pricing

Heat Pump Dimensions

  1. Height: 679 mm
  2. Width: 825 mm
  3. Depth: 300 mm

Tank Dimensions

  1. Height: 1748 mm
  2. Width: 621 mm

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Local gas heater services Sydney Local gas heater services SydneyLocal gas heater services Sydney